Why style sells.

Marketing experts indicate that styled homes sell 30 to 50% faster. And they sell for 7 to 17% more. Read on for more about the benefits of professional property styling. 

The benefits of property styling

  • 83% of buyers pay more for premium presentation; there’s no more work to do!
  • 95% of buyers can’t visualise the potential of an empty property, you need to show them!
  • 30 seconds is all it takes for a potential buyer to decide if they are interested in your property or not. Put your best foot forward - first impressions count!
  • 90% of buyers shop online first. Beautifully styled rooms and visually appealing photographs will attract buyers and encourage them to visit the property.

Make an immediate impact, increase emotional appeal  

Our aim is to create an immediate emotional response as soon as a buyer walks through your front door. We will increase the overall appeal of your property by by allowing potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. It's all about lifestyle! 

Sell faster for a higher sales price 

Beautifully presented properties sell faster and for more money – it’s that simple. Research shows that professional property styling can increase the sale price of your home by as much as 7 to 17%. 

Generate more bidders, offers or interested parties

We'll help you attract more bidders, offers or interested parties by creating a well presented, warm and welcoming property. Regardless of the price of your property, we can help you attract more buyers by appealing to their emotions and lifestyle aspirations.  Buyers prefer well presented rooms than empty spaces; they are attracted to beautiful photos and, most of all, they love homes that they can imagine themselves living in. 

Enhance your property's presentation in print, online and in person

Presenting your property in its best possible light can not only improve your marketing but also attract credible editorial from leading newspapers.